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A-Pro Covington Home Inspection | A-Pro® since 1994

A-Pro Covington Home Inspection Services is a company you can trust…

A-Pro, since 1994, has helped hundreds of thousands of clients avoid costly undisclosed problems when buying a home. My Name is Vic Gustafson , I am fully licensed by the State of Louisiana and hold several certifications, CHI®, PHI®, ISHI®, and ITI™.

Call me now for fast, friendly, Covington home inspection service 1-985-273-0220!

What’s more, I provide all my Covington home inspection clients  with a free 120-day “if we pass it, we protect it” assurance guarantee.

What happens when a home inspector fails to uncover an existing problem? In most cases, nothing. A-Pro’s FREE 120-day “if we don’t report it, we repair it” guarantee puts the burden on us, and covers you for the cost of unexpected covered repairs. Unparalleled inspections. Unparalleled protection. That’s A-PRO.

  • Free protection-120-day guarantee for all ” Covington Home Inspections” clients
  • Stunning client reports.
  • 500-point inspections including a free foundation level survey ($150.00 value)

Be smart.

Be protected.

Call now and have A-Pro inspect it!





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